Board Members

Steve Johnson, City of Bainbridge Island

Steve Johnson delivers petitions to COBI 2015. Photo credit: Tom Goodlin.


Steve Johnson: Steve is a founder of the Friends of Island Power Campaign.  Before retiring he was for 23 years the Executive Director of the Washington Public Utilities Districts Association.  The association’s 29 member PUDs serve one third of the citizens of the state with clean, reliable non-profit electricity.  In 2000 Steve led the effort in the state legislature to obtain telecommunications authority for PUDs.  Before he worked for the PUDs he was a Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Alaska.  Steve is a Vietnam veteran and has lived on Bainbridge Island for 30 years, where he is a member of the cities’ Utility Advisory Committee.

Jane Lindley comments at a council meeting.

Jane Lindley comments at a council meeting.

Jane Lindley: Jane has lived on the island for more than 20 years. She is a co-founder and of  the Friends of Island Power Campaign and formerly the president of Sustainable Bainbridge. Jane has volunteered for local nonprofits including Bainbridge Island Land Trust, Great Peninsula Conservancy and Arms Around Bainbridge. Before retiring, Jane worked as the Director of Development and Operations for a software company on the East Coast.

Jane is probably best known for her website and development work earlier in her career for local clients such as: The Brainard Foundation, The City of Bainbridge Island, City of Gig Harbor, Pope Resources, Kitsap Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau, The Russell Family Foundation, Port Gamble, Port of Bremerton, and YES! Magazine.


Tom addressing the City of Bainbridge Island Council.

Tom Goodlin: Tom is a geologist by education and hydrogeologist by professional practice, but has long maintained an interest in energy savings and renewable energy (to wit, in 2011 he and his wife installed a geothermal heat pump for their home and purchased an electric car for local driving). Prior to Island Power, Tom served six years on the board of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust for 2008 to 2014, and currently is in his first year as a board member for the Bainbridge Aquatic Masters Booster Club.

Lara Hansen: Professionally she is an innovator in the field of climate change adaptation and she is interested in all the things we can do to make our communities less vulnerable to climate change. She’s a scientist, executive director of a locally based non-profit and a parent–all of which influence her decision to  support Island Power. She believes in affordable, clean energy for all.  Remember “we didn’t leave the stone age because we ran out of stones,” rather we saw a better way. Public power from renewable energy, is a better way!

Jaco ten Hove moderating our first meeting May 2015.

Jaco ten Hove moderating our first meeting May 2015.

Jaco ten Hove: Jaco has been active with numerous local energy conservation efforts since moving to Winslow in 2008. He also works locally as co-minister (with his spouse Barbara) for Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church.

Ted Jones collecting signatures at the Farmers' Market.

Ted Jones collecting signatures at the Farmers’ Market.

Ted Jones: Ted has been an island resident for 19 years.  He has worked for the Federal Government for 35 years as an Professional Engineer doing ocean engineering, environmental restoration, continuous process improvement and facilities program management.  Ted has also been active with the Democrats 23rd Legislative District as a Precinct Committee Officer.   Ted is also currently on COBI’s Utility Advisory Commission.

Eric Mielbrecht: With a career devoted to a better future for our planet, Eric relocated to Bainbridge Island in 2009 in order to enjoy that better future. After assessing that our current power sources are not the clean energy he wants to support, he’s a supporter of Bainbridge Island developing a public power initiative that give us local control of our selection of sources and access to renewable electricity generation. He is a parent, a local business leader and an avid outdoor activity enthusiast.

David Mitchell (Not the only Tesla driver in our group.)

David Mitchell

David Mitchell: David retired from IslandWood in 2009 after a career in information technology, with a specialty in network architecture and management. During his nearly 40 years on Bainbridge David has volunteered with many organizations, including the Bainbridge Food Cooperative, Bainbridge Island School District, and the Bainbridge-Ometepe Sister Islands Association. David and his wife Lisa Giles share their time between Bainbridge and Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua. Current projects include an Internet distribution system at the Islander Mobile Home Park and a coffee roastery business serving tourist venues in Southwest Nicaragua. Lisa and David charge their Tesla from the solar panels on their roof.

Lauren Roman comments at BI City Council meeting.

Lauren Roman comments at BI City Council meeting.

Lauren Roman: Lauren Roman lives and works on Bainbridge Island. Her consultancy helps companies achieve their sustainability goals faster using advanced tracking technologies. Lauren sees public power on Bainbridge as a tangible action for addressing climate change that we can make happen soon and will have a meaningful impact.

Randal addresses council.

Randal addresses council.

Randal Samstag: Randal is a consulting engineer specializing in municipal water treatment facilities. He has worked as a designer and planner of municipal facilities for over 35 years. He was a member of the Bainbridge Island Utility Advisory Committee evaluating water, sewer, and storm water facilities for the City of Bainbridge Island. He is actively engaged in items considered by the Bainbridge City Council as a citiizen. He has been an active supporter of public power for Bainbridge since the early days of Island Power. He has degrees from Stanford University in political science and the University of California in civil engineering.