We’re gearing up for a political campaign! We’ve managed to pay for things such as web hosting, email blasts, well as renting room space for forums with casual fundraising, but now things are going to get serious.

If our measure gets on the ballot in Feb 2017 or November 2017 we’re going to campaigning our faces off and that costs money! If we don’t make the February ballot and end up looking forward to the Nov 2017 ballot then we’ll use money received for that campaign effort. Money raised will go toward posters, ads, mailers, brochures and other marketing materials.

You should know up front that your donations will NOT be tax deductible as we’re working to get an initiative on the ballot, but they will be appreciated and reported to the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).

For contributions over $25 we’ll need your name and address. For donations over $100 we’ll need your name, address and your employer’s name, city and state. Political contributions are fairly regulated thanks to the PDC. You’ll have an opportunity to supply that information on our PayPal page.

Click on a plus symbol to open the text box.

Click on a plus symbol to open the text box.







Thanks for your contribution to public power and for taking a stand against global warming!