How to Volunteer

Island Power buttons

Island Power buttons

Volunteers – did we mention YOU ROCK?  ‘Cause you do.

Meet some of our busiest volunteers on our Steering Committee webpage.

If you need Island Power buttons to hand out to friends, please contact And, if you’d like to buy a shirt to show your undying support for public power you can do that here ($2 donation goes to Island Power).

Also, we do need some funds to pay for venues for our educational events, supplies for outreach to the community, and for communications materials.

Online Donations: Please read our donation page first, it’ll link you to our online PayPal donation form.

PayPal Donation Form: Use your Paypal account or credit card on our donation form to make a donation.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Tell friends about our website, on your Facebook page.
  • Email your friends about our Facebook page
  • Have a conversation over coffee with a friend, and mention that about 35% of our PSE power comes from coal, and that public power could give all of us on Bainbridge cleaner greener power.
  • Help hand out flyers or hold signs at the ferry terminal.
  • Join us at council meetings.
  • Email us to get a bumper sticker for your car, or even host a coffee at your house.

Just fill in the form below with a subject line “volunteer” and let us know how you’d like to be involved. Thanks for your interest in our campaign.


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